Yoga Shelter Joins Southfield City Centre Community

Yoga Shelter Joins Southfield City Centre Community

Yoga Shelter 1Southfield area yogis  have a new place to call home at the new Yoga Shelter location in the Southfield City Centre. The studio is located within the Arbor Lofts in the business district. This is the first Michigan Yoga Shelter not in a retail environment, meaning Southfield’s ever-growing business and student community will have an opportunity to take advantage of their prime location.

The 900 square-foot studio offers a variety of classes from Slow Flow, a physically slower moving class, to Yoga Rocks, a vinyasa inspired class. The class schedule includes early morning, lunchtime and evening classes.

Yoga Shelter 2Yoga Shelter chose to come to Southfield for the people, the opportunity to provide a fun, healthy activity within the community and a chance for to reach more people in the metro-Detroit area.

“The most exciting thing about being in Southfield is seeing the response from the community,” said Julie Sofia, studio manager of the Southfield Yoga Shelter. “People are so excited that we are here, and we are too! Every time we connect with a (yoga) student, it is so rewarding to see their positive reaction to the space and to their practice. So often I hear: ‘We are so glad you are here! I love this place. I am happy this space is so close to my home/office, and that I can take classes in my community.’”

Yoga is a mentally calming yet physically demanding practice that the City Centre is delighted to have included in the community.

Sofia added, “We want people to know that yoga isn’t just about being super bendy. This space is a place to check-in with yourself.”

Stop by and try out a class and take advantage of two limited time only promotions – 10 days of practice for $10, and an offer for students and teachers to practice all summer (three months) for $144.

Yoga Shelter’s schedule is posted online on their website at Be sure to like them on Facebook, and stop by the studio at 20300 Civic Center Dr #1118 Southfield, MI.


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