Front Lawn Loop Brings Fitness and Accessibility to the Southfield Municipal Campus in the City Centre

Lawn LoopThe first phase of the Southfield Municipal Campus front lawn loop construction is now complete. This new 8 ft. wide walkway encourages more pedestrian activity from members of the community and is the most recent step towards the vision of making the City Centre a more walkable environment.

Two and a half circuits of the loop add up approximately to one mile or 20 minute heart healthy activity.

The new walkway makes the front lawn Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible for visitors, employees and residents. This will also allow more families with children in strollers access to events on the lawn.

Six benches and trash cans will initially be placed around the perimeter of the loop to give walkers a place to take a break or eat lunch in a pleasant outdoor environment.Lawn Loop4

The City Centre hopes to add ¼ mile markers around the loop and signs displaying information about healthy living in future phases of construction.

The final phase of the loop, which includes a 10 foot wide bike path on the east side of Evergreen Road, will be installed this coming spring.

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