Clayton & McKervey, P.C. Announces Promotions to Management Team

Clayton & McKervey, P.C. recently announced several promotions within their company.  Clayton & McKervey, P.C is a great Southfield business that focuses exclusively on growth driven, middle market companies who compete in the global marketplace.

They act as a global resource for their clients by heavily investing in specialized training focused on international accounting and tax matters. Additionally, they interact with a variety of internationally-minded organizations to help facilitate introductions and resources for their clients.

In their mission to act as a global resource for clients, their newly promoted professionals will join the firm in providing accounting, auditing, and business advisory services for privately held clients operating domestically and globally.

“We are excited to see these talented young professionals continue to grow in their careers. They are all great people and will no doubt be valuable future leaders of the firm,” said Kevin McKervey, President of Clayton & McKervey, P.C.

To read more about their recently promoted staff members read their bog post here.

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